Build Them up, Tear Them Down, Eat Them up

Christmas Banquet took place, December 11, from 6 to 9.  Banquet began with smiling faces and picture taking. Students entered the Academy Commons to a welcoming warmth and an inside winter wonderland.  A snowy walk way led to a photo booth, while a frosty snowman sat in a different type of photo booth. The fire was slowly burning, and though no warmth was coming from its flames, the mood still seemed to be warming people’s hearts.

After opening prayer, attendees began to make gingerbread houses, which brought even brighter smiles to people’s faces. Some people on the other hand were just eating the parts to their houses and were asked to leave until the house was actually done – Mr. Overstreet.   The building process was especially fun for some people like Katie DeWind and Yuna Kwon.   Though few houses last long, the joy of building it was still present.

Appetizers were served while houses were still going up.  The appetizers were composed of salad and cheese with crackers.  Christmas songs danced around the room while we ate and dinner couldn’t have come soon enough. Cavin Miller and Jeshua Moore played the piano toward the end of the evening. After, cheese cake was served for desert. We listened to Divine Harmony, a group of Andrews Academy girls, who sang “Mary Did You Know”.  We ended with closing prayer, after which many people began to mingle about and take pictures. Overall it was a fairly good Christmas banquet/party.

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