Black and Blue Friday

"Once inside the store, holiday spirit seemed to fade out quickly."

Lines form and anticipation rises as the minute hand on the clock ticks down closer to opening time. Finally the doors open, and people seem to flood in from everywhere. Clothes are thrown around along with shoes, jewelry, make up, children, anything that has a reduction to the normal price tag.

My experience on Black Friday started at 9:00 A.M at the Springfield Missouri mall. My mother and I had decided to grab a few things for a trip to Holland in January, a time when the weather will be in the colder range, so coats and boots are needed. My brothers were reluctantly dragged along to help hold the shopping bags after our purchases. We had no line to contend with to get into the store, but once inside the Holiday spirit seemed to fade out quickly.

Claws began to fly as people frantically tried to secure the last fur coat on sale while boxes were cast aside to find right sizes and colors. Pushing and shoving was suddenly acceptable, and in awe I watched as adults turned into their Kindergarten counterparts, kicking and punching to get what they wanted.

I’ll admit that all the deals are exciting, but are they worth clocking a stranger in the mouth just to save a few bucks? No matter the incredible savings that are taking place, I think a person can still give a smile and wait their turn in line patiently. That way, Black Friday would go by more smoothly and less bruises would appear.

Is the mace really necessary? Possibly if your going to be tromping through the African jungles and need protection from the wild hyenas. Or maybe if your going on a 4 A.M run through the Detroit downtown area. The main purpose for mace is to protect yourself in a life-threatening situation. Losing that blue cashmere sweater to a fellow shopper isn’t a good reason for you to whip out your pepper spray and go crazy. Hitting with canes, pushing people down escalators, shoving, and breaking ankles are all unnecessary.

Next Black Friday don’t be the face on the news that was kicked out of a store for being too aggressive.

Remember your manners and take your turn.

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