AA Hosts Children’s Christmas Party

It is rare to find anyone who will babysit for free – especially on a weekend.  Yet the SA Children’s Christmas Party had students doing just that – and having as much fun as the hyperactive children.

Three school days before the party, nearly thirty AA students signed up to bring gifts and spend time with fifteen K-3rd graders from area schools.

The evening began with myriads of small children anxiously rushing into the commons where SA member Hannah Mbungu directed them to their respective AA student sponsor. Shortly thereafter, the youngsters and students swarmed into the gym for rounds of group games like freeze-tag, monarch, and duck-duck-goose.

When the games in the gym ended early due to an unforeseen AU Jr. Cardinals practice, the hungry partygoers spilled into the commons for a supper consisting of pizza, cookies, and other hyperactivity-inducing junk food.

After the last cookie was consumed, an ear-splitting squeal erupted from the commons as a pillow-padded, santa-suit-clad Dillon Zimmerman ambled into view, where he was promptly climbed upon by all fifteen children who were eager to tear into their gifts. Once all the presents had been dealt out, there was a time for pictures and playing with presents as the children slowly filtered back to their parents, ending an exhausting, but exciting, Christmas party.



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