Meet Extreme Teen Daniel Greene

Daniel Greene takes to the air

If you were to ask the average teenage fellow what he does for fun in his free time, the response would usually be something pertaining to Xbox, the internet, and other thorough thumb exercises. This is not so with Andrews Academy freshman Daniel Greene, who states he “doesn’t do games.”

Instead he spends his free-time pursuing an activity far more exciting – mountain biking.

“I first became interested about a couple years ago when my brother got a BMX [bike] and started building trails,” Daniel reflected. “I started out with just BMX dirt jumping and then went to more full suspension, fast, technical rough terrain.”

Since then he has acquired much knowledge about BMX bikes as well as constructed extensive and impressive biking trails behind his house.

These tracks take dedication and knowledge to construct, Daniel informed me. “It takes a lot. It took us over a year just to get the dirt packed down super hard on a good pump track [a short rectangular hilly course].  We had to shower the tracks and it took a lot of work.  We have to sweep it off every time [it is used] and it takes a lot of maintenance.”

Daniel Greene hits the trails.

Daniel also approaches his bike with as much dedication and pride as he does his homemade tracks. “I got my brother’s bike,” Daniel reflected, smiling at the memory of the beautiful blue bicycle, shocks and cables running throughout the precision-curved frame. “ It cost me $1,600 and I had to sell two of my other bikes and my whitewater kayak, but it’s a lot better.”

With a comitment to bike and track this strong, it is no surprise that many interesting stories were made while being in and flying off of the bike seat.  “I’ve broken my tailbone and I’ve kind of damaged my internal guts,” laughed Daniel, reflecting on his painful mishaps. “I got [hit with] a handle bar around the waist area and had a yellow and purple stomach for like half a year. That was really bad.”

Despite all of the bodily damage he has received pursuing his passion, Daniel says that he has never wrecked or broken a bike aside from a snapped shifter cable, which had to be refastened with a shoestring.

As our interview drew to a close, Daniel explained to me his passion for biking. “It’s a pretty big blood rush to the brain I guess when you’re hitting a 15 foot drop off. I mean motto-cross is cheating; in biking you get the speed with the exercise. You have to be always learning how to move your bike right so that you’re not slammin’ it down and bending your rims.”

When asked to describe his favorite biking excursion, Daniel laughed, “I’m out there shredding every day! Why need a favorite?” In the future, he says he wants to purchase a Yeti mountain bike and become a professional mountain biker.

Other than his extreme passion for the extreme sport, Daniel said that he also enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding and skateboarding – which was evident when a staff member marched outside and ended our interview by scolding Daniel for skateboarding on school grounds.  Extreme sports can have extreme consequences, apparently.

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