Tracy Vu Leaps into Life at Andrews Academy

Tracy Vu

She’s standing at the top of the jump-off point. Her harness is set and her cable is secured. She looks down at the ominous drop below her feet. Taking a deep breath, she leaps – freefalling until her bungee cord catches and the rush is over.

Who is this fearless girl who has completed such a stunt not once, but twice? You’d never guess it from her shy countenance, but she’s an adventurer and her name is Huong Thanh Vu – or as you might know her, Tracy.

Tracy was born in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, and has lived there her whole life until she moved to the United States for schooling.

She arrived in the US this August, excited and ready for a new start in a new country.

“I believe in fairytales,” Tracy stated. “And I believe that America can help me make my fairytales come true.”

While the promise of fulfilled dreams and an ideal learning environment were definitely big motivators in her decision to come to not only the United States, but Andrews Academy, Tracy had other reasons for attending.

She had hand-picked Andrews Academy because of her attraction to the proverbial melting pot that is Berrien Springs and the pure desire to learn about the religion of the school. She hadn’t been a Christian before and was anxious to learn about this God that the students seemed to love so dearly.

Taken aback by the friendliness and open attitude of the student body as well as the great amount of help from the teachers and staff, she finds that she feels she is going to fit right in.

“The people here are so open, clever, and funny,” she remarked. “Their faith is very strong too.”

While the sociability of Andrews Academy is astounding, Tracy herself is surprising as well. Though she doesn’t look like a risk-taker, she certainly is. Not only does she enjoy the thrill of bungee-jumping in places such as Australia and Malaysia, but she also goes parasailing whenever she can.

On the days when she’s not conquering dizzying heights or gliding through the air behind a boat, she also enjoys fishing with her family for her brother’s lakeside restaurant in New Jersey.

What are her plans for the future? She excitedly explained how she intends to finish off school by going to a university here in the United States and then manage her own hotel or restaurant, just like her brother.

Tracy has quickly felt right at home here at Andrews Academy and has shown some improvement as far as becoming more comfortable and interactive. Upon observation, anyone can see that she no longer hesitates to jump into conversations where she might have something to add, or to laugh out loud when she is amused.

If you ever get the chance, you might want to pull aside that quiet girl in your class and get to know her. What she has to say might surprise you, or even inspire you.


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  1. Mrs. Rorabeck says:

    Tracy Vu has been a delightful houseguest. She works very hard on her schoolwork, and is eager to learn new things, such as baking cakes, which she did for two parties she attended at Andrews University. Her quietness is only polite waiting to understand and her quick mind is full of wonderful ideas!

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