Inaccurate Clocks Confuse Students


Here at Andrews Academy teachers are sticklers for time. Yet being on time is becoming quite hard since it seems that nearly all of the clocks at AA are inaccurate. Whether it was caused by a partial electrical failure or a distortion in time and space, the messed up clocks are confusing students and staff throughout the school. As of today, here is the status of the awry time-trackers:

Music Room – slow by 15 minutes.

VanDenburgh’s Room – slow by 10 minutes.

Sanchez’s Room – slow by 10 minutes.

Anderson’s Shop – slow by 55 minutes.

Wing A – Stuck on 12:55.

Banks’s Room – slow by one hour.

As to why these clocks are off, Mrs. Quinty stated that an electrical failure during Thanksgiving break caused the set-backs.  She and her team are in the midst of restoring the clocks to their correct readings.

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