Play Class Debuts Our Town

The Our Town cast takes their bow.

Mr. Baker’s Literary Interpretations class has done it yet again, pulling off a polished performance of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town.

With only three to four months of practicing in the afternoons as well as a couple hours in the evening, the hardworking students managed to perform the rendition of the classical play tremendously.

Our Town is a three-act play about the everyday lives of common people of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, in the early 1900’s, particularly the lives of George Gibbs – a young baseball player without a clue in the world – and Emily Webb – a love-struck teenage girl with only thoughts for George. The spectators watch as the romance blossoms but is then cut short by a tragic ending only shortly after the couple’s wedding.

The play is a unique one among many. Specifically, the interesting use of meta-theatrical devices by Thorton Wilder to engage the audience. The cog of these devices is the Stage Manager (played by AA’s very own Dillon Zimmerman) – a character supposedly a figment of the viewer’s imagination but also the “guide” into the world of Grover’s Corners. A second interesting aspect of the play was the lack of set – another contributing factor to the involvement of the spectators.

Despite these vast differences from past Andrews Academy plays, the presentation was well received with applause, laughter and tears in all the right places.

And it wasn’t just the audience who enjoyed themselves.

Several members of the cast remarked afterwards how much fun it was to perform on stage and yet lamented that the bittersweet ending marked an end to a enjoyable period of the semester.

One cast member commented, “[Being in a play is] one of the best ways to get to know someone – you spend a lot of time with them and realize that you have to get along in order for the performance to go well.”

While this may be Mr. Baker’s very last play he directs, one can hope for even more superb literary interpretations by Andrews Academy in the near future.

Visit our Imgur page for photos of the production: Our Town Photo Gallery.

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