When Holidays Blur


What is it with the blending of one holiday into another?  October pumpkins perched on porches clash with white icicle Christmas lights hanging from eaves.  Stores begin stocking their shelves with Christmas decorations in early November, long before the Thanksgiving dinner roast is even cold on the table.  Can’t we celebrate one holiday at a time, or must commercialism take over every holiday, bringing cheer to an untimely and sudden death?

A generation ago, Christmas decorations would not be displayed until after Thanksgiving. Now we hear Christmas music playing in stores in early October and late into December. We also have year-round Christmas stores that sell ornaments, fake trees, and other things that put you into the Christmas mood anytime of the year.

And Americans are especially in the mood to spend this time of the year.

Black Friday sales went up in 2011 by 7% over 2010. Low prices during Black Friday sales even incited some shoppers to violence. A recent cartoon circulating on Facebook depicts two stick men. The first one states, “Don’t you think it’s ironic that Americans spend the most money on new things the day after they say they’re grateful for what they already have?” The second stick man replies,  “NO.”  Ironically, the day of giving thanks is barely finished when people go out and focus on commercialism.

Will Labor Day be next? Will we need all year to meet the expectations of Wall Street? Will we need all year to pay off the debts incurred trying to meet others expectations?

What is Christmas about to you? Can you separate the marketing hype from your own world view and set your priorities in order, regardless of the insanity of others? Will you let God have His rightful place in your life, celebrations and bank account?

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  1. Mrs. Rorabeck says:

    Katie, Right On! I refuse to go Black Friday shopping in the middle of the night only to get hurt!

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