Advisors and Advisees Share Breakfast

Bethany Puffer and Hayley Lofthouse enjoy a Thanksgiving breakfast.

Students and teachers gathered in classrooms for a pre-Thanksgiving meal Wednesday morning.

The breakfast is an opportunity for advisors and advisees to not only celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday together but to also get to know each other better – beyond the scheduled Advisor/Advisee Devotions.

In addition to traditional breakfast favorites, some pretty creative options make the menu.  Sophomore Aaron Keiser cooked up Swedish pancakes, while Mr. Reichert and Mr. Sherman combined efforts to put on an omelette making show reminiscent of Benihana.

The day starts later than usual, with breakfast from 8:15-9:15.  Regular classes resume at 9:20 and conclude at noon.  With such an usual start, however, the day is rarely “regular.”

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